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Had a lot of fun with this game!

Thanks for making a video and playing our game!! We'll keep working on it to make it better and fix the things that are not working well :)

nice game i had a fun  time playing this game :D 

I enjoyed this a ton my only complaint is there isn't more of this! hahaha

Goruto, while not my true love, is best fusion hero

We're happy as hell with all these amazing videos! thank you guys! It really means a lot to us, we're just a group of friends who made a silly game with silly characters and we weren't expecting to receive this much love <3


I really dig the art in this game.


I had a TON of fun in this game hahaha.  Fun little game, my favorite is the girl with the club :P


Great video, Croc!




Omg! thanks for playing our game and making a video! We at the team are very excited about this little project and we'll keep working to make it better!

I had a lot of fun with it, even though it was a little short hahaha.  Excited to keep up with it in the future!  Best of luck :)

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OMG there's  let's play of this silly thing we made! Thank you, we're happy that you enjoyed our game. As it says in the description, this was a kind of experimental thing we made with some friends, it's far from perfect but we're hoping to fix it and making it way better.


Very cute :) good job!

Thank you! We're hoping to keep working and improve the gameplay in the future.